Meet the Team

  • valipe
    Dr. Valipe Satyender

    Dr. V is the primary veterinarian who helped very sick pets, as well as happy puppies for over 13 years. He is not only a highly experienced veterinarian but also Board certified veterinary microbiologist. His passion is to create a welcome environment to your furry family at our Vet Center, and help your furry babies to be healthy and live longer. Call or text to know more

  • Dr. Linelle Ayotte DVM
    Associate Veterinarian

    A lifelong Resident of Bristol. Graduate of Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Lynelle loves special needs animals, a love which probably goes back to her former career as a clinical social worker,  and her home reflects this with Winnie the Peeh, Tumbleana & Jean-Luc

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