Urgent Care Veterinary

As a loving pet owner, you already make sure that your pet gets routine medical treatment from Satyender. But every now and then, you and your pet may need access to an urgent care vet. 

Even healthy animals sometimes need special assistance that falls outside the normal treatments that veterinarians give. In those cases, it’s essential to have the name and contact information of an urgent care veterinarian in Plainville.

What is an Urgent Care Vet?

Veterinary urgent care is a service provided by veterinarians to attend to pets with non-life-threatening conditions that require immediate medical attention. It is an alternative to emergency hospitals and is suitable for pet owners who need prompt medical assistance for their pets. Examples of conditions treated at veterinary urgent care include vomiting, limping, fatigue, ear infections, diarrhea, allergies, coughing and other non-critical ailments. They typically triage, stabilize , run initial diagnostic tests, and treat symptomatically. They will send you to your regular veterinarian for follow up or to a specialty or 24/7 emergency veterinarian if your pet is in critical condition or needs specialist care.

What Situations Require an Urgent Care Vet?

There are a variety of situations and circumstances when you might need to rely on an urgent care vet. These include:

  • Sudden illness outside of normal vet hours
  • Pet involved in a motor vehicle accident
  • Sudden reaction to new food
  • Sudden vomiting, mouth-frothing, or uncontrollable diarrhea
  • Fall or victim of physical mistreatment

These are not the only reasons to bring your pet to an urgent care veterinarian, of course. Any life-threatening or dangerous situation that your pet is in may require immediate, emergency treatment.

How to See an Urgent Care Vet

Ideally, you will establish a relationship with an urgent care vet long before you actually need one. In your area, reach out to an urgent care vet with good reviews or one who was recommended to you. Register yourself and your pet. This way, when or if you do have a pet emergency, you won’t have to spend the time answering basic questions about your name, address, pet’s name, age, etc. 

Next, add the number and email of the urgent care vet to your contacts list. It will be there when you need it, and when seconds count. Lastly, make sure you know where your urgent care vet is and how to travel there.

You and your pet deserve the best medical care possible. That includes access to urgent care vet when needed. Contact us today at (860) 321-1420 to learn more.

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